Rheinlander Bakery

Rheinlander Bakery

Rheinlander Bakery Success Story
Owners: Ed Dimmer and Moro Dimmer
Photography: Teri Sanchez 
Story by: Teri Sanchez 


Ed Dimmer started in the bakery business in 1967 when he was nine.  He said, “I informed my mom 
I’m small but I can still help”.  He started serving customers with his twin brother and moved from 
simple tasks like glazing the doughnuts his parents sold in their shop gradually moving to the harder tasks.  

He continued in the bakery through junior and high school before leaving for the University of Colorado
to become a chemist.  He met his wife and partner Maro while in college.  They planned on getting
her through her doctorate degree then moving, but Maro fell in love with the bakery business.

Ed’s parents had sold the bakery shop but Ed and Maro bought it back, and with the help of his 
Father they slowly built it into a prosperous business.  Ed states, “We did get some help from the 
City of Arvada, the Urban Renewal Authority and later found the SBDC.  

Small Manufacturers Advantage (SMA) helped the couple with their manufacturing process and showed them ways they could be more proactive and identified processes that would make the company more efficient in the production of their products.  They found they already have many processes in their business that are working but they were able to create others that make the processes more succinct. 
They have about 300 manuals on production process and a matrix on training staff on the different processes and skills needed to be an active member of the team.  Any manager can now look at the matrix and know exactly which staff are able to complete which tasks.  This really assisted in the cross training of the staff between the baking, candy making, finishing and all the other levels of production in the business.  Now they can look at the matrixes and see where each person is and which processes are in process.  They also learned to be more efficient with inventory and storage with the help of the consultant from Manufacturers Advantage.  They now use a more on time delivery and ordering of inventory, which saves time and energy with the store and storage designed for use that is more efficient.  

They also learned how to order inventory which saves them several months of gross revenues to be used later creating more profit annually as well as eliminating some of the vendors they had been working with that did not support the niche they were creating while increasing their product line.

Recipient of the SMA Grant