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Blair Taylor Hardy

Blair Taylor Hardy


Blair Taylor Hardy, Osprey Designs

Blair Taylor Hardy, owner and creative genius at Osprey Designs is a successful freelance designer and product innovator. She knows starting a company can be overwhelming and understands the variety of aspects to consider, including organizing financials, branding and visual appeal of a service or product.
Blair has an MFA in Graphic Design and a MBA in Strategic Development, and more than 15 years of extensive knowledge and applied experience on how to present your business’ acumen. She has worked in a spectrum of industries; from media conglomerates on product development to local sustainable and agricultural magazines in marketing. With a sensitivity to analyze what the client, as well as, the industry’s dynamics are, Blair has an affinity to develop the best solution for the clients’ needs.
Skill Set: Logo Design, Style Guide, Branding, Product Development, Packaging and FDA Requirements, Signage, and Website Design.
Blair serves on Parent Committees at both of her children’s schools, on her Resident Community Organization and is a successful freelance designer and product innovator.

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