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Wayne Anderson

Wayne Anderson


Mr. Anderson is the senior Executive Leadership Coach and Founder of the Leadership Science Institute, LLC. He is a senior executive with equal blend of technical, business, managerial and public sector skills developed during experience with several “Fortune 500″ companies and local municipalities.

He has extensive experience in helping his clients to start, build and expand their businesses. In addition, he helps them to train and develop their professional staffs. He also has the unique ability to help his clients attract, retain, develop and motivate outstanding management and professional leaders.He has served as a publicly elected official, formerly holding the positions of City Council Member and County Commissioner for the City and County of Broomfield in the State of Colorado.

He is the author of the books, “Unwrapping the CIO: Demystifying the Chief Information Officer Position”, “Powerful People Are Powerful IT Professionals: Your Daily Guide to Becoming a Powerful Information Systems Person”, “I Am Unemployed … Now What Do I Do?: An Organized Approach to Becoming Employed” & “I Am AN Unemployed Christian… Now What Do I Do? An organized approach to becoming an employed Christian”.

Areas of Expertise:
  • Leadership
  • Team-Building
  • Sales
  • Market Research and Demographics for small business

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